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Travel Guide: 10 Foods To Eat in Rome,Italy

Rome Italy Food Roman Classics What to Eat in Rome Travel

When I travel,在当地或当地一些最好的餐馆吃东西,是我最喜欢(也是最美味)的优德中文版探索方式之一。You can always find good food—anywhere you go,but there are some places a food lover just feels right at home,like for instance,in pizza and pasta's motherland!!

If you're travelling to Italy,specifically,to Rome,那么你有的食物gotto eat!!

他们也不难来,because they're part of the food fabric of the region (a.k.a.你几乎可以在任何餐馆的菜单上找到很多。During my visit to Rome,I made it my mission to try a bunch of very"Roman"foods.There are lots of great local food tours you can book,and even make-homemade-pasta classes,听起来不错,但是迈克和我每天都选择自己做一些食物爬行,and it made for some pretty fun adventures and fairly full bellies.

Below are 10 Roman classics you've got to try when visiting Rome,意大利。

Travel Guide: 10 Foods to Eat in Rome,Italy

Travel Guide What to Eat in Rome Italy Roman Classics
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1.Roman Pizza

Roman Classic Pizza - Thin Crust - Rome Italy Food
A very thin,Roman prosciutto pizza!!

Mike and I didn't realize until we got to Rome,that Roman pizza is thin crust—my 优德中文版favourite!No thick outer edges or deep dishes here (well,那不是真的。我相信你能找到它,but it wouldn't be considered your classic Roman pizza!)拉齐奥(其中罗马是首都)地区流行的披萨,is thin and super crispy,通常会有一两种配料(我们发现很多less is more"when it came to food toppings in Rome).In some Rome neighbourhoods like at Doppiozeroo restaurant in Ostiense,我们还得尝尝罗马披萨大格里奥龙,长方形披萨按方形切片出售,where you're charged by the weight of that slice.This type of pizza is also quite Roman!Look for it when you visit.

2。Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Cacio e Pepe Pasta Roman Classic Rome Food Italy
丰富的,Cacio e Pepe is a must-try during your visit to Rome.

Cacio e pepe is a classic,super ancient Roman dish comprised of just three ingredients: pasta,pecorino cheese,and black pepper (the translation is"奶酪和辣椒”).It is said that the dish originated with Roman shepherds,and when they left the countryside,they carried with them ingredients to make cacio e pepe.Cacio e pepe is super rich and creamy,but not from milk,奶油,butter,或者油,它是由奶酪和胡椒粉和意大利面食水混合而成。This cheese and pepper preparation is becoming increasingly popular in North America,比如,除了意大利面,我也很喜欢吃可可豆爆米花和可可豆薯条。D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!We had cacio e pepe in a few spots in Rome (it's literally everywhere) but I really enjoyed the one from Ai Cocci.



当你访问罗马时,you'll find it has some signature street food,like the ‘Trapizzino'—a mix between a sandwich and a pizza,this triangular cone comes stuffed with some kind of meat or vegetable. These Trapizzinos are pretty cheap (you should be able to get them for under 5 euro) and are a popular Roman snack.它们很热,filling,and depending on your stuffing selection,can be really delicious.你可以得到相当标准的填充物,像肉丸或鸡肉,but then there are some places that have more exotic fillings.经常供应(或建议你与之一起吃)葡萄酒或啤酒!That's how we had it at BeRe,a brew pub near the Vatican.We tried it at the end of our first night in Rome and Mike said it was the best thing he'd had all day!!

4.Spaghetti alla Carbonara Pasta

Spaghetti alla Carbonara Pasta Rome Italy Food Roman Classics

Another popular pasta which originated in Rome is carbonara!Like its sister cacio e pepe,this Roman classic which typically comes with a spaghetti noodle but can be made with other types of noodles,doesn't require a whole lot of ingredients—pasta,鸡蛋,pecoroni cheese,and pancetta (cured pork belly) or guanciale (cured pork cheek/jowl).American recipes often call for heavy cream,but to a Roman,that's crazy.You shouldn't need it. How the egg is stirred into the pasta is how the dish gets its creamy consistency.Apparently carbonara's origins are pretty debated.It's not as ancient as cacio e pepe.It could possibly have been introduced to the region in the late 40s/50s,possibly after or as a result of World War II. Or they say it could have originated with coal miners.Regardless of how it came to be,这是你游览罗马时必须吃的东西。事实上,for us,it was the very first dish we had when we got off the plane.Perfect!!


Gelato - Rome Italy - Roman Classics - Italian Ice Cream

意大利冰淇淋是我最喜欢的甜点之一,在罗马(嗯,优德中文版anywhere in Italy),you can find gelato shops on almost any corner!果香,清淡(Gelato没有冰淇淋那么肥,牛奶比奶油多)。清爽,delicious,,andaffordable,I could have gelato multiple times a day—in fact,在罗马的一些日子,I did!A cup or cone of gelato is pretty darn affordable in Italy in general,most of mine were in the 2 to 2.50 euro range.You might find they get a bit pricier closer to tourist spots.In the lovely Travestere neighbourhood of Rome,I got a gelato cup for just 1 euro at a place called Otaleg.


Bruschetta - Rome Italy - Classic Roman Food
Italy's 优德中文版favourite appetizer—bruschetta,grilled Italian bread topped with olive oil,garlic and tomatoes.

Whether you pronounce it brus-ketta or bru-shetta,bruschetta is Italy's 优德中文版favourite appetizer (right?) It apparently has its origins in Central Italy (including the Lazio region featuring Rome),though really,bruschetta is a popular dish all over the country,and depending on where you go,you'll find different types of toppings. Bruschetta is a crusty Italian bread topped with garlic,olive oil and some type of topping—typically tomatoes.We found the Romans to be quite generous with their tomato bruschetta topping.Bruschetta is really refreshing—the tomatoes demand it.The original bruschettas were said to have been cooked over coal.今天,他们经常被烤。

Bonus tomato-based dish: Although I don't think it originated in the Rome region,I did notice alotof people in whatever restaurant we went to,were ordering tomato salads with a giant ball of Buffalo Mozzarella.I also had one while we were in Rome,but I figured since I couldn't find it to have specific ties to Rome,I didn't formally include it on this list.


Cappuccino Espresso Rome Italy Coffee
An espresso in the afternoon (a cappuccino in the morning!) Learning Italian coffee rules.

你知道第一家咖啡馆据说是在16世纪在意大利开业的吗?The espresso machine was also invented in the 1800s in this country.Suffice to say,coffee culture is pretty big in Italy.在罗马(嗯,全意大利)there's some rules 优德体育about when you're supposed to drink certain coffees.The biggest rule (or one we noticed the most while we were there),is that you should only have a cappuccino in the morning.Coffee with milk after 11 a.m.is a no-no.Mike tried to order a cappuccino after this time and they were basically like,espresso?lol.Apparently this is because Italians think the milk that's in cappuccinos aren't the best for digestion later in the day.

8.Fried Artichokes (Carciofi Alla Giudia)

A very popular Roman-Jewish dish: Fried Artichokes (Carciofi Alla Giudia).

Carciofi Alla Giudia is the most popular preparation of artichokes in Rome.It originated in the Roman Jewish Grotto and is basically deep fried artichokes.Some restaurants will only serve it when artichokes are in season,but there are a few spots you can get it year-round,就像诺娜·贝塔一样,which was featured in an Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown episode before.尽管说实话,I didn't love this preparation of artichoke—even though Iartichokes!Still,definitely worth trying if you're on a mission to eat Roman foods,plus the Jewish Grotto is a cool neighbourhood to visit.

9.Suppli (or fried anything)

Suppli Fritti rice ball Rome Classic Food Italy
A plate of Fritti at Ai Cocci in Rome,including arancini and supplì.

You know when you see Fritti on the menu at Italian restaurants?That's a beautiful section featuring fried foods.Italians have invented some pretty tasty fried items,like Arancini – deep fried,饭团里充满了各种美味的味道。Arancini is a popular Italian fritti,and something I see a lot of at Italian restaurants.But something I didn't know until I went to Rome is that Arancini is considered traditional to Sicily,whereas Rome's preferred deep fried rice ball dish is called Supplì.What's the difference?I mean they're really similar.They share the deep fried rice attributes,and general shape,but Supplì is typically more oblong (long ball lol) in shape,and filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese (the mozza is a must),whereas Arancini is more true to the ball (circular) shape,and can be filled with variety of different meat or vegetables.关于suppl,我也学到了一些有趣的东西,这个词是意大利语优德体育,而法语中的“惊喜”一词是意大利语,这是因为当他们第一次被发明的时候,it was a surprise for people to discover there was a piece of mozzarella in the middle of it!!

Bonus fritti featured in the above photo,that's also a Roman classic: deep fried zucchini flowers with anchovies or Fiori di Zucca Fritti.我不喜欢凤尾鱼,but still really liked this dish.

10.Bucatini all'Amatriciana Pasta

Bucatini all Amatriciana pasta,特色番茄酱,guanciale pork jowl,and hollow bucatini pasta,is a delicious,Roman classic!!

嗯,所有的罗马经典意大利面都是我最喜欢的,优德中文版but I really enjoyed trying Bucatini all'Amatriciana I had at Da Vittorio.这道菜是用布卡提尼面条做的,a noodle with a hole that runs through its centre (buco like hole).I love the texture of hollow bucatini,and this all'Amatriciana version comes with a tomato sauce,pecorino cheese,and guanciale meat—a cured pork jowl or cheek,like bacon or pancetta in terms of delicious fattiness.Variations of the dish will also include chili or red pepper flakes to turn up the heat.它是以意大利阿玛特里斯镇命名的,which is also located in the Lazio region,在罗马东北部几个小时。

Travel Guide What to Eat in Rome Italy Roman Classics
Pin + share my Travel Guide: What to Eat in Rome,意大利!(The Classic Roman Dishes)

If you're headed to Italy,make sure you look for these dishes on the menus!If you think I seriously missed something,let me know!!!

And just a heads up… in Italy,他们要你付水费!所以经常,it's cheaper to drink wine or beer in restaurants than getting a glass of water.I'll be sharing more ‘practical' tips to traveling to Italy in an upcoming blog post,so stay tuned!!

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